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We often get the questions "When are you coming to our country?" and "Why aren't you doing a world tour?" and the answer is the same for both questions:

If it was only for us to decide, we would like to tour the world extensively and visit as many countries as possible, but a gig or a tour is a combined effort between the band, the promoters, the booking agents, the venues and (most importantly) the fans. The best thing you can do is to spread the word about Andromeda and make sure that as many people as possible talk to the concert/festival arrangers/venues in your area, so that they know that there's a public interest in booking the band for a show. The more people get to know about the band, the better it is for everyone – you get an Andromeda show, the arrangers/venues get their large audience and we get to play our music for our beloved fans!

To book a gig with us, please e-mail: