Thomas Lejon (drums)

Thomas Lejon was born on the 29th of April 1973. When he was twelve he took over his uncle’s drums and his dad ­ though he might have regretted this later ­let him play in the basement. Soon he joined a local bluesband, followed by some coverbands and punkbands. 

His interest in progressive music started with the discovery of Rush. Amazed and inspired by their music he formed a band called Given Form with two friends. Exploring new grounds they all evolved rapidly as musicians, having a lot of fun. Rehearsing next door was a band called Act, which Thomas used to listen to through the walls.

Nowadays he is a proud member of the band. Over the next few years Thomas played in a project called Flow, led by guitarist John Fritzell, putting his skill to the test with some really mindwrecking stuff. The keyboards were played by Martin Hedin. Both bands eventually broke up and Thomas moved on to some trash/death metal bands ­ Ominous and Embraced. But his progressive heart was never really into it, so when Wez Wenedikter from WAR-music called him up and told about Johan Reinholdz and his Andromeda project he said yes right away. The rest is history. 

Beside ANDROMEDA, he took part in:

Embraced - "Within", Regain Records 2000
Ominous - "The Spectral Manifest", Holy Records 2000
A.C.T - "Last Epic", Atenzia Records 2003
A.C.T - "Silence", Inside Out Music 2006
Acke Hallgren - "Fragile", 2014
A.C.T - "Circus Pandemonium", Avalon 2014
A.C.T - "Trifles and Pandemonium" (live DVD), 2016

Band members

Martin Hedin