Martin Hedin (keyboards)

Martin Hedin was born on the 2nd of February 1975. Just two years old he already showed a remarkable interest in music, as he would lie silent for hours while his father played classical records, completely fascinated. 

At the age of four he had picked most of the childrens songs and played them on a two octave toy marimba. His parents then gave him a piano, which he played and composed on intensively every day throughout his childhood.

At the age of eleven his mothers pots and bowls finally got relieved by a drumset, and the following year a guitar was given to him. Martin recorded his first rocksongs on a double cassette deck, making overdubs on overdubs, playing all the instruments himself. This system obviously had some drawbacks, so it was soon replaced by a keyboard and a computer.

In highschool Martin formed a band called Illusion, playing almost exclusively his songs. He developed as a composer and has since then been more interested in the writing process than actually playing music. Still enjoying challenges though, he joined a band called Flow, featuring Thomas Lejon on the drums. This band took the term progressive to its extreme, but never made it out of the rehersalroom. At this point Martin was studying at the Academy of Music in Malmö, which is where he met David Fremberg.

Nowadays he is teaching at the Academy.

Martin has been working a few years with composer Kent Olofsson, and is currently producing one of his projects. 

Beside ANDROMEDA, he took part in:

A.C.T - "Silence", InsideOut 2006 (produced by)
Dame Wiggens - "Divine Images", Ten Point /dB Productions 2007 (keyboards/production)

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Martin Hedin