Linus Abrahamson (bass)

Linus Abrahamson was born on the 26th of January 1982 in the little swedish town of Hjo. His musical career started at age 7, singing in his father´s choir for children and then took off with electric bass lessons at age 10. His father also introduced him to his first music heroes which were Deep Purple, Frank Zappa and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. A few years later Linus picked up the classical guitar and started noodling around on electric guitar shortly thereafter. He was introduced by his classmates to various metal bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and Rage Against the Machine and spent many hours a day learning/transcribing basslines and guitar solos. By then he had already settled for a career in music, and so studies followed at four different schools. First three years were spent learning a little of everything and he found out that he was very interested in all sorts of music theory, especially the art of transcribing (which led him to the position as Mattias IA Eklundh´s transcriber).

During this period he discovered many of his current music heroes, including Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pat Metheny Group and Yngwie Malmsteen. He was also given the nickname Mr. Gul by his friends, thanks to his obsession with the color yellow (gul meaning yellow in swedish). The following year was focused on rock bass only, although he then found out about Mats/Morgan Band – a fusion band he immediately fell in love with – which made him want to study jazz. Thus two years of jazz studies followed with some classical guitar on the side, during which time he discovered ANDROMEDA at the Gothenburg-based festival Slottsskogen Goes Progressive in the summer of 2002. After the show he spoke to Martin Hedin, saying: You´re the best thing I´ve heard since Dream Theater! Little did he know how their paths would cross again later on...

Finally, Linus got into The Malmo Academy of Music, gaining a Double Master´s Degree in Music Education (both bass and guitar), returning his focus to rock and metal. There he also met the acquaintance of Fabian Gustavsson, Martin Hedin and Johan Reinholdz. In 2006 he met guitarist/songwriter/producer Magnus Karlsson (Allen/Lande, Primal Fear) who asked him to join in on bass for a project called The Codex with singer Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), an offer he couldn´t refuse. Another offer he couldn´t refuse was the opportunity (and honor) to play bass with british guitar phenomenon Guthrie Govan at a clinic/concert in Stockholm in December 2009.

Now in 2011, Linus feels that he is finally at home with ANDROMEDA, being asked by Johan Reinholdz (whom he had previously helped out with some transcriptions) to join the band after Fabian´s departure. The (inner) circle was completed a few months later when he did his first gig with ANDROMEDA at the Slottsskogen Goes Progressive festival 2011, the very same festival at which he discovered the band back in 2002. 

Beside ANDROMEDA, he took part in:

Solar Dawn - "Frost-Work" 2001 (bass)
Nocturnal Alliance - "What makes that evil tick...?" 2007 (lead guitar)
The Codex - "Self-titled" 2007 (bass)
Nocturnal Alliance - "The 3rd Phase of Destruction" 2009 (lead guitar)
Mr. Gul - "Two Sides of Me" (solo album)
Citadellion - "Adventurers of Taeloth" 2009 (lead guitar)
Malin Andersson - "Sometimes Simple Is Too Hard" EP 2010 (bass)
Andreas Grimell - "May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way" EP 2011 (bass)
Lovisa Ståhl - "#1" 2011 (bass, lead guitar)
Alissa Isakovic - "Would You Mind to Be Mine?" single 2012 (bass)
A|symmetry - "Room 17: Hours Between Shadows and Light" EP 2012 (lead guitar)
Carl Mörner Ringström - "Neocolony" 2013 (bass)
Anton Johansson's "Galahad Suite" 2013 (bass)
Edge of a Circle - "Edge of a Circle" EP 2013 (guitars)
MindTech - "Elements of Warfare" 2013 (bass)
The Theander Expression - "Strange Nostalgia" 2013 (bass)
Acke Hallgren - "Fragile" 2014 (bass)
Vanya Merc - "This Lousy T-shirt" 2014 (bass)
Constancia - "Final Curtain" 2015 (bass)
Gemstone - "Bridges" EP 2015 (bass)
MindTech - "Edge of the World" EP 2016 (bass)
A|symmetry - "Fragility" 2016 (acoustic guitar, lead guitar)
Nocturnal Alliance - "Witherings" 2017 (lead guitar)
Aldaria - "Land of Light" 2017 (bass)
Until Rain - "Inure" 2017 (bass)
PelleK - "Absolute Steel" 2018 (bass)

Band members

Martin Hedin