David Fremberg (vocals)

David Fremberg was born on the 29th of July 1976 in Lund, Sweden. At the tender age of seven he already owned a guitar, trumpet, drums, harmonica and was taking pianolessons. Supported and encouraged by both his parents, and in particular his father who was a jazzmusician, David found great interest in music as a child. 

On Christmas eve 1986 there was one present lying under the tree that changed his life forever, a Kiss album given to him by his mother. Fascinated and speechless after hearing only the first few bars, David had soon decided what he wanted to do with his life. Soon afterwards an electric guitar was purchase and with bleeding fingers the struggle began.

All through the schoolyears there were always music lurking in the mind of young David. At 13 he could be seen preforming around town with his band that he stayed with for many years, playing original material along with old Kiss and Alice Cooper numbers. As time grew, an interest in heavier music developed. Metallica, Type O Negative, and Megadeth amongst others, echoed in his head.

After highschool he got accepted to Malmo Academy of Music where he met fellow bandmate Martin who thought he´d be the right man for the job as lead singer of Andromeda. 

Beside ANDROMEDA, he took part in:

Bloom - "Bloom", Roastinghouse Records 2005
Space Odyssey - "Tears of the Sun" 2006
Dame Wiggens - "Divine Images", Ten Point /dB Productions 2007
Mountain of Power - "Mountain of Power", Grooveyard Records 2007
Truth - "Machine", Grooveyard Records 2008

Band members

Martin Hedin